The new Glamox C90-R

The new Glamox C90-R is a family of modular LED luminaires with large luminous surfaces and generous light output which offers maximum flexibility and excellent visual performance. The flush design and use of quality materials means that the luminaires will seem like an integrated part of the ceiling.

Glamox C90-R is constructed with particular focus on the quality of light emitted from the luminous surface. The tailor-made LED modules are designed to provide the best possible light quality. The distance from the LED modules to the optics is carefully calculated to ensure perfectly even illumination.

Completely sealed
The luminaire housing is completely sealed, allowing no access for dust or insects. The luminous surface will stay pristine and not be spoiled by ingress of flies or dirt. C90-R is delivered with an external driver box, which means that the installation is carried out without opening the luminaire housing. This eliminates concerns about the occurrence of uncontrolled electrostatic discharges.

Suitable for most ceiling systems
Glamox C90-R is suitable for all 15 and 24mm T-bar ceilings, and for Ecophon Focus Ds and Rockfon system T24X ceilings (concealed profile).

Once mounted, the luminaire’s frame will not be visible. The perfectly shaped frame around the optics is made in one piece without any joints, and is only 12mm wide. This makes the frame invisible in a T-bar system.

C90-R is also available with a purpose-made frame for mounting in plasterboard ceilings.


C90-R is available with tuneable white (CCT) LED light sources. Human Centric Lighting solutions have a positive effect on people´s daily rhythm, work performance and well-being.

Design: Hans Bleken Rud

Hans Bleken Rud is a Norwegian industrial designer educated at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design. Currently he is focusing on projects related to lighting and lighting design. Previous assignments include product design for sports equipment, assistive devices for the handicapped, and products for the aerospace industry. He has worked as a designer of lighting products for Glamox since 2007.