Stephan Copeland

I’m looking for designs that feel like the weightless moment in a leap between going up and coming down, unconscious collaboration between machines and the amazing human body.
Stephan Copeland is an industrial designer inspired by mobility. He believes that products that move fluidly with people's physical intentions allow intuitive expression and elevating achievement.  "Moving with grace and agility is also a visual art that celebrates our sense of evolution and potential," he says.

Born and raised in Montreal, Canada, Stephan Copeland has worked as a freelance designer since 1989 when he launched Copeland Studio in Los Angeles. Currently based in Merion, Pennsylvania, the studio operates in Montreal, New York City and Northern Italy.

With a client list that includes elite design-driven manufacturers in the US and Europe, Copeland has won several of the industry’s top awards and been widely published for innovation.