Glamox Central Monitoring
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Glamox Central Monitoring

Glamox Central monitoring give you all the benefits that a modern building requires.

Easy set and change of control parameters for presence or daylight contribution in the building.

Monitoring of the emergency light installation, with the reports required by the European regulations.

Heatmapping of the building used as analyzing the usage of the building based on occupancy. You can actually in real time see how the building is being used, and make changes do to the analytics to make the usage more efficient.

Maintenance planning can be made much more efficient based on automatically generated reports. You have full control of  operating time on each luminare as a reference to lifetime based on actual usage.

Measuring and mapping of energy consumption can be done for the whole building, parts of the building or down to each luminare, dependent on the chosen solution. You can also monitor the actual performance of the system, by monitoring the usage of watt/sqm.

By installing sensor with integrated bluetotooth positioning technology, you can tag important assets and se where they are at any time. This technology provide you with an accuracy of < 2m, and place your assets in an interactive floorplan. 
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