While Luxo Corporation has closed its U.S. corporate offices, Luxo products remains available for purchase through exclusive distribution partners:

For Luxo microscopes, task lights (office, industrial and healthcare), arms, and magnifiers for cosmetics, cosmetology and low vision, please contact:
Unitron Ltd.
Phone: 631-543-2000
Fax: 631-589-6975
Email: Luxo@unitronusa.com
Web:  www.unitronusa.com

For Luxo magnifiers for healthcare, and medical lighting, please contact:
Burton Medical
Phone: 1-800-444-9909
Fax: 800-765-1770
Email: Burton@burtonmedical.com
Web: https://www.burtonmedical.com

For Luxo magnifiers for all other segments, industrial and otherwise, please contact:
Vision Engineering Inc.
Phone: +1 860 355 3776
Email: info@visioneng.com
Web: http://www.visioneng.com