Functionality and aesthetics

We like to make a distinction between good products and excellent products.
A good product that has been well designed gives the user correct functionality.  For a task light this means getting the light exactly where needed, wasting no energy.

But Luxo strives for more.  We offer products with thoughtful ergonomics built into them, such as intuitive and easy user interfaces and glare-free light distribution.  We also put great emphasis on durability and longevity of not just the lightsource, but the physical product itself.  Finally, in order to really label a product excellent, we feel that the aesthetics should be desirable and honest.  That is why we choose to work with some of the finest designers in the world.


Our task lights are all built to the highest standards for flexibility and durability, with aluminum and prime quality steel as the most common materials.  They are assembled by hand in our own factories.  We specify, design and build our own products, and control every step of the process.