Almost human: The flexibility of the spring-balanced construction allows for almost human movements. L-1 certainly has a personality!

Luxo L-1 is 80 years old!

2017 marks the 80th anniversary of the original Luxo L-1 task light, designed by Norwegian industrialist Jac Jacobsen in 1937. Not many industrial products are still going strong after such a long period of time. This calls for a celebration!

Watch the anniversary video!

Luxo: I give light

L-1 was designed by Luxo’s founder, the Norwegian industrialist and entrepreneur Jac Jacobsen.  Jacobsen had received two crane-like spring balanced luminaries as part of a shipment of sewing machines from England. Being technically minded he took a fancy to the strange looking luminaires, with their great functionality and timeless beauty.

Although the technical invention was ingenious, Jac Jacobsen soon realized that the construction as a whole was primitive. He succeeded in improving it. Manufacturing started in 1937 under the name Luxo, derived from Latin – I give light.

Design icon and productivity booster
L-1 soon became known as a real productivity booster in schools, offices, industrial plants and health care facilities, and a design icon among architects and designers all over the world. L-1 remains a classic because of its unique and advanced arm technology, combined with high light output and emphatic design features. It is still in high demand, and to date we have sold more than 25 million units worldwide.


Jac Jacobsen (1901-1996)
was in his thirties when he
launched Luxo L-1. 

Competition is good for us, it makes the product better known
– and those who want quality will choose L-1.

Jac Jacobsen

The secret is in the spring-balanced arm

The L-1 arm is balanced by springs that work on the action and reaction principle of human arm muscles. The construction provides complete freedom of movement.

1937: The freedom of movement and the ability to place the light exactly where it was needed forever changed our working environments.

The launch of L-1 was the start of a range of Luxo lighting products that are ergonomically correct and individually adaptable, avoiding glare and other health related problems.