Luxo has expanded its line of WAVE LED magnifiers to include two new UV models.

The two individually-controllable UV-A (400mm) lightsources of the WAVE LED UV are ideal for the inspection of conformal coatings and sealants.  UV tracer conformal coatings observed under the WAVE LED UV glow a dark purple color, allowing for easy and quick identification of uncoated areas and components.

Additional applications include the inspection of welds and other areas of stress contamination, surfaces and finishes in fields such as criminology, museum and artwork restorations, document authenticity and currency verification. The WAVE LED UV magnifier, in such applications, identifies anti-counterfeiting features seen only under UV light and confirms authenticity,.  Liquid dye UV traces observed under the WAVE LED UV lightsource are also used to inspect penetration in such fields as leak detection.


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