Quick-connect PIR Sensor

PIR Sensor boots energy savings and is compatible with all Luxo LED task lights via a quick-connect attachment.

Product Description
PIR Sensor enhances control and cost-effectively boosts the efficiency of Luxo’s already energy-saving LED task lights. By detecting infrared rays emitted by the human body, the sensor automatically turns off a task light, for a user-designed time, when the user is away from the workspace. Easily-adjustable internal controls allow users the ability to adjust the delay time duration and infrared sensitivity.

Product Applications

A quick-connect cord simply connects the PIR Sensor to any Luxo LED arm-based task light including 360, Air LED, L-1 LED, Ninety, Ovelo and Terea and the LED undercabinet task light Spire. Occupying a slight 2” x 1” footprint this PIR Sensor can be positioned on a worksurface or mounted to an undercabinet shelf. Best suitable for use in offices and other workspaces, or any environment where an infrared sensor might improve control and energy savings.


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