WAVE LED: An energy-efficient addition

WAVE LED is an energy-efficient addition to an enduring family of magnifiers.

Product Applications
Heavy-duty magnifier for inspection, assembly and rework applications.  

Product Description
WAVE LED is Luxo’s newest and most energy-efficient addition to its market-leading line of WAVE Magnifiers.  Now with two dimmable 6W LED lightsources which allow left/right lighting control and an auto shut-off feature which further ensures energy savings, WAVE LED is the solution for energy-conscious technicians, assembly operators and quality control inspectors.  A choice of a 3.5-diopter or 5-diopter 6.75 inch x 4.5 inch rectangular precision-ground white crown glass lens permits distortion-free viewing making the WAVE LED ideal for any inspection or assembly application.   

A flexible, self-balancing shade and hands-free neck design allow the lamp head to be secured in any position.  No knobs to tighten, nothing to adjust.  The heavy-duty 45 inch or 30 inch internal-spring K-arm with 0.5 inch square steel tubing allows for infinite positioning and is ideal for environments where cleanliness and sanitation are sought.       

As the company who pioneered the illuminated magnifier more than 50-years ago, Luxo is credited with many of the innovations in this product category.  In creating and launching its original 3.5-diopter (1.85X) WAVE magnifier in 1987, Luxo introduced the first rectangular-lensed magnifier and was honored for the “Best Industrial Designed Product” at the 1987 Hanover Fair.  Since then, the product line has evolved through multiple product revisions and the WAVE family now includes Standard, ESD-Safe, UV, 5-Diopter and now LED models.    

Construction & Finishes
In addition to standard lens magnifiers, ESD-Safe WAVE LED models are available.  ESD-Safe magnifiers guard against uncontrolled static dissipation and are designed for use in static-sensitive environments.  The outer surfaces of the components are specially-treated with a material that results in a surface resistivity of 10^6 – 10^7 Ω/sq (static dissipative).  The magnifier arms are powder-coated with a metal-laced paint that measures 10^10 Ω/sq (static dissipative).  

The optical-quality lenses are mounted in an aluminum housing that is non-corrosive and durable.  WAVE LED Magnifiers are finished in light grey.  ESD Safe WAVE LED models are finished in black.  Models come standard with an edge clamp or weighted base mount.  

WAVE LED Magnifiers are UL/cUL listed and carry a five-year warranty. 


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