Product guide

When choosing your task light, your individual and personal requirements should be taken into account.  As should your age.  The need for light increases dramatically with age and should have an impact on your choice of task light.

Find the Luxo task light that's right for you!

All our task lights fulfill the illuminance requirements of a minimum average of 500 lux on the worksurface.  For medium to large-sized desks we offer task lights with a choice of asymmetric or symmetric light output.

Asymmetric or symmetric light output?

Asymmetric light output
Task lights with asymmetric light output distribute light evenly across the working area.  They prevent reflection and glare and will not cause any discomfort to colleagues.
Symmetric light output
Task lights with symmetric light output provide more light on the surface of a condensed area directly beneath the lamp head.  They are particularly good for inspections and performance of visual tasks of low contrast and small size.