The classic L-1 is now available with an LED lightsource.
New item no.
Item Description
Old item no.
acc_l1_base_white New item no.: BRK024994
Item Description: 50009WT - BASE/L-1 WHITE
Old item no.: 50009WT
acc_l1_base_black New item no.: BRK024995
Item Description: 50009BK - BASE/L-1 BLACK
Old item no.: 50009BK
acc_l-1_table-base New item no.: BRK024996
Item Description: 50009SG - BASE/L-1 ALU.GREY
Old item no.: 50009SG
50135bk-silo New item no.: 50135LG
Old item no.: 50135LG
luxo_us_pir_sensor New item no.: 50099
Item Description: PIR SENSOR-ACCESSORY          
Old item no.: 50099
50115bk New item no.: 50115LG
Item Description: BRACKET SH/DP IND. K&L LTGREY 
Old item no.: 50115LG
acc_te-table-bushing New item no.: BRK700068
Item Description: TE-Mount/int.table buching
Old item no.: 8990-014-0