Luxo magnifiers are designed to withstand the rigors of everyday use in any health spa, beauty salon or cosmetology application.
In their work, cosmetologists need first-class lighting conditions and the aid of powerful and flexible magnifiers.

No knobs to tighten and nothing to adjust.  Luxo's flexible, self-balancing magnifier shades with hands-free neck assemblies allow the lamp head to be positioned and secured to the exact requirements of the beautician.  Internal spring arms are ideal in environments where cleanliness is sought.

With a choice of magnification, arm length, mount and accessory lenses, clinicians are able to select a tool best suited for their needs.  Certain Luxo magnifiers, such as the Circus, incorporate a removable tinted hinged lens cover which protects the lens from unwanted dust, debris and contamination and allows for safe operation in direct sunlight.