Electronics assembly

ESD-Safe magnifiers help guard against uncontrolled static dissipation. Magnifiers with fully-enclosed arm and neck designs are ideal for Clean Room applications or any place where foreign object debris is a concern.
For electronics illuminated magnifiers are an important tool for inspection, assembly and rework.  Many industries such as the electronics and assembly industries are particularly sensitive to electrostatic discharges (ESD), and need to establish measures to remove static such as grounding human workers and providing antistatic tools.  ESD-safe magnifiers are a valuable tool in these industries as they help guard against uncontrolled static dissipation.

The outer surfaces of Luxo magnifiers are powder-coated with a metal-laced paint that alters the electrical characteristics at the surface of the materials.  Since the surfaces are no longer insulative, triboelectric charging results in drastically lower voltages, especially since any charge (under 50 volts) is uniformly distributed throughout the surface of the head assembly.

Luxo magnifiers are well-suited for Clean Room applications such as those found in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, microelectronics, medical, military, semiconductor and telecommunications industries.  The magnifiers, with fully-enclosed arm and neck assemblies, are easy to clean and ideal for environments where foreign object debris is a concern.