Low Vision

"Low vision" encompasses visual impairments that cannot be fully-resolved with glasses, contact lenses, or medical or surgical treatment. Special magnifiers and task lights can be used to help the visually impaired see better.
Children have the ability to change the eye's focus over a large range, so they can get extremely close to an object and still keep it in focus.  But adults loose that ability because of hardening of the eye's lens with age.  Consequently many adults require strong glasses or magnifiers to focus on closely viewed objects.

Luxo magnifiers help people with low vision see better.  Magnifiers provide a large field-of-view through which to see through.  With a choice magnification, arm length, mount and accessory lenses, users are able to select a tool best suited for their lifestyle and needs.

A well-designed task light provides the perfect combination of high light output and good color rendition.  As many people with low vision also require additional light in order to see well, Luxo's task lights provide a good solution.

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