The modern patient room combines comfort and functionality. On one hand patients should be made to feel comfortable in the room, and on the other hand it is important that hospital staff have an effective lighting system, enabling them to have an unobstructed view of the patient and any technical equipment.
A wall mounted, personal luminaire fulfills all of these requirements.  It enables a comfortable, glare-free task lighting area which can also be supplemented with a night light providing low lighting for user orientation.  Patients should have access to direct light through arm-based reading lights.  Such flexible luminaires can be used as general-purpose lighting and as supplementary task lighting in patient rooms.  They allow the patient to place light where needed and reduce glare for those in multi-patient wards.  these adjustable reading lights can be fitted with large, easy to grip, ergonomically designed handles, so that they can be readjusted easily.  These lights are often dimmable so the patient can adjust the level of light needed.  Optimal designs include covered spring-balanced arms for easy cleaning and safe and easy positioning.

Arms developed specifically for use with monitors and patient terminals offer long reach, perfect balance, and maximum vertical and horizontal movement permitting readjustment as needed.  Since wiring is built into the arm, cabling with connectors can be used without modification.  Internal gas springs ensure the arm is calibrated for the weight of each load.