Flexible, energy-efficient lighting with individual user control is the cornerstone of modern office lighting.
91% of computer users suffer from eyestrain.  Non-adjustable overhead lighting creates distracting glare and reflections.  Age impacts light needed for job performance.  A 60-year old needs 5-6 times more light than a 20-year old.

The graph below illustrates the relationship between age and the mount of light required:

Correct lighting with individual user control from Luxo produces enough light to illuminate an entire work area.  Light is cast over the length of the worksurface, minimizing glare and reflections.  Less strain is put on the eyes, neck and back that often results from sitting incorrectly in order to see well.

The importance of good office lighting (Watch the movie!)

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The right light includes correct light levels and contrast
In order to obtain correct contrast conditions in the office, the light (lux level) should be:
  • Strongest in the primary work area (the keyboard, or the center of the desk) (2)
  • Weaker in the rest of the work area (3)
  • Weakest in the remainder of the room (1)


Lighting is the single biggest consumer of energy in an office building.  The right combination of ambient and task lighting can reduce energy consumption by as much as 67%.  On board auto shut-off can increase this savings.

Task lighting is needed as ambient light levels are reduced for energy savings.  LED lighting can qualify toward LEED points.