Test your light

We recommend that you take time to check if the lighting solution at your workplace could be changed to improve your working situation.
Eyesight accounts for 80% of all human perception.  Lighting has a much larger impact upon the working environment than many realize.  Health, working effectiveness and other factors are effected by the lighting environment.

Complete the following exercise to assess the light around you:

  • Sit in your chair and look around.  Is something distracting you?  It could be sunlight from the window or reflections from other lightsources in the vicinity.
  • Shade your eyes with your hand, or put on a cap.  Are you experiencing any difference?  If the cover gives you a comfortable feeling, you are most likely being exposed to direct or indirect glare from overhead lightsources.
  • Place a mirror in front of, or on, the surface you look at most.  Look for reflections around you.  If you see any lightsources in the mirror, you are likely being exposed to reflections.

The consequences of reflections and glare caused by incorrect lighting:

  • Our bodies compensate for poor light and visual conditions
  • We adopt poor postures to see well
  • We experience sore or tired eyes, headaches, and strain in the neck, shoulders and back