ANLS - Advanced Naval Lighting System

The Advanced Naval Lighting System (ANLS) represents the solution for a complete ship illumination consisting of indoor and outdoor lighting as well as signal and navigation lights. On a turnkey basis the ANLS covers a complete lighting package from planning by use of 3D lighting simulations, engineering design, complete cable planning and supply of all required components of the entire lighting system up to start-up and beyond worldwide technician service. The modular approach of the ANLS matches with latest planning of a flexible and modular ship design concept. For each ship area and with regard to the respective room’s purposes and scenarios a specific system design is undertaken and an optimal luminaire selection and its location are determined. The ANLS concept contains of normal lighting, emergency lighting and special purpose lighting in one system together with power supplies, control panels & switches connected by tiny, space saving energy and information distribution units.

The requirements for lighting systems on naval vessels are very different and highly specific. Evaluating the specifications of naval ship designs has given the following objectives for the system:

  • Modular design for optimised, customised light scenarios all over the naval vessel.
  • High performance LED technology and intelligent electronics successfully combined.
  • Single cables for low power and high information distribution with integrated information network e.g. presence detection or visible and invisible information distribution.
  • Emergency lighting system embedded in the main lighting system: multi-functionality instead of extensive hardware.
  • Latest ergonomic know-how to improve the crew’s alertness and well-being

An Advanced Naval Lighting System basically consists on a modular system conformed of state of the art components. This modular system enables various configurations for different requests on naval and civil vessels as well.

Different areas on the ship require special demands for lighting

Just like all areas on board a naval vessel, for example the control room has particular requirements on the installed equipment. Limited space demands lighting solutions that are compact with low design heights and weight. ANLS components meet the challenging physical requirements due to the military environmental conditions, operational areas and safety policies.

Important factors when working with lighting solutions for naval vessels are:

  • Glare & flicker-free, dimmable
  • Specified colour temperature
  • NVG Compatible
  • Human Centric Lighting (HCL) capability (= ‘tuneable white’)
  • High lifetime expectancy
  • Minimized maintenance costs and reduced power consumption (high energy efficiency)
  • Field replaceable
  • Small size, no hazardous materials
  • Mechanical strength/impact resistance.
  • Shockproof/vibration/explosion-proof
  • Compliant with EMC requirements

Mechanical strength

The development of lighting solutions for helidecks represents a huge challenge in terms of mechanical, electrical and lighting technology. It means that the products have to be extremely robust and must function absolutely reliably across a temperature range from -25°C to +45°C. Maintenance-free LED technology ensures that lights have a long and reliable lifecycle. Due to their use in extreme environmental conditions, helideck lighting products have to be robust and durable in many aspects: they must be UV-resistant. The housing should be made from seawater-resistant aluminium. This sensitive technology has to be fully vibration-proof. An IP rate of IP 66/67 is recommended for products installed on exposed positions like e.g. helideck.

No maintenance and reduced power consumption

Potential energy savings together with the longevity of LED luminaires, make for considerably lower operating and maintenance costs. Luminaires consume as little energy as possible in order to reduce the size of power generators, save energy and minimise pollution. The efficiency and life span of LED lighting continues to improve. LED luminaires are virtually maintenance-free, which means that vessels with LED lighting will have lower operating costs compared to vessels with conventional luminaires. The system components especially luminaires of the ASLS are designed with regard to environmental compatibility and sustainability. Lamps and circuit boards can be replaced so that subsequently the luminaire can be seen as virtually new after professional overhaul.


The system components of the ANLS meet the requirements according to INT-005. Cables and its connectors are compliant with the standards according to INT-009. Within the design of the lighting system relevant factors like ‘melanopic (biologically) effective light’ in working areas, ‘dim to warm’ in berths as well as ‘kelvin shift’ in accommodation areas will be examined carefully and included into the system solution.

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