Storage room (non-hazardous items)

In ship storage rooms for general goods/non-hazardous items, the lighting needs to be reliable. The luminaires must be maintenance-free and achieve a certain level of light output.
Different areas on a ship require special demands on lighting
A general storage room is often a small area onboard a Navy or Marine vessel, where everything is handled and stored on shelves or racking. Space to fit luminaires is normally limited and so fittings must be robust and solid in order to withstand accidental damage as goods are moved in and out of this area. 

Important factors when working with lighting solutions for storage rooms: 
- Different mounting options. 
- Mechanical and compact design. 
- No maintenance and reduced power consumption (high energy efficiency). 

Different mounting options 
Limited space in storage rooms requires recessed or compact corner surface mounted light fittings.  

Mechanical design 
The fittings must be solid and mechanically robust in order to avoid accidental damage when goods are being handled and moved in and out of the storage room. Glamox recommends LED lighting in storage rooms as these will turn on to their maximum light output immediately as crew enter this area. All plastic parts should be flame-retardant materials to prevent fire and toxic gases from spreading. The European standard, IEC 60092, requires that lighting installed in a general storage room on a ship should be designed for an ambient temperature of 45 degrees Celcius. The lighting illumination should have an average level of 200 lux. Loose internal wiring caused by excess vibration is dangerous and can cause power cuts. The luminaires should therefore be designed according to the relevant Navy and Marine standards. To avoid lengthy installation times and to reduce maintenance costs, Glamox recommends the use of quick connectors. Dust protection is also important during the ship construction/fitting phase to prevent dirt from getting inside the luminaire, as well as later during normal ship operations to prevent the ingress of dust and insects to the light fixtures. 

No maintenance and reduced power consumption 
Maintenance-free, easy installation and various mounting options ensures flexibility and time savings, primarily because some lights may be located in areas that are difficult to reach or often with no access at all. The luminaires should consume as little energy as possible in order to reduce the size of power generators, to save energy and to reduce pollution/emissions. Therefore, LED is recommended. LED luminaires are virtually maintenance-free, which means that vessels with LED lighting will have lower operating costs compared to vessels with conventional luminaires. The initial investment of the LED installation may be higher than a traditional lighting installation, but the LED’s reduced energy consumption and lower maintenance costs means that this price difference will be quickly recouped and payback on the investment is recovered quickly.

We always recommend the use of a Navy and/or Marine-approved lighting product in a storage room.