HIGPI 1228 LED - HVLAS Glide Path Indicator
Glide Path Indicator
ta-20 Ta40 IP67 LED

Glide Path Indicator HIGPI112

HIGPI 1228 LED - HVLAS Glide Path Indicator

The HIGPI Glide Path Indicator allows the pilot to control the optimal approaching angle to the flight deck. The Glide Path Indicator will create a three colour light beam to signal the helicopter the correct glide path or if the path is too high or too low. The HIGPI has an additional integrated NVG monochrome (green or amber) mode that uses light pulses to inform the pilot about the
given approaching angle. This will ensure fully NVG compatibility according to STANAG NVG Cross Deck operations. For high reliability and safety as well as long ranges and true colour information, the HIGPI uses LED as the light source.

Main advantages: 

• NVG compatible with integrated NVG mode
• Gyrostabilized for pitch and roll through internal gyro unit and/or ship gyro (with added redundancy)
• LED light source
• Automatic Nitrogen monitoring
• Azimuth adjustment from port 90° to stb 90°
• High brightness for long ranges
• Shock proof according to German Navy Standards
• Vibration proof according to MIL-STD
• EMC proof
• Low power consumption with 24V power supply
• RCS opzimized housing
• Increased flight safety due to the use of LED
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