Steel standards

Stainless steel is the preferable choice for luminaires which is being exposed to extreme corrosive marine and offshore environments at sea. In the Glamox product range you will find luminaire housing of stainless steel quality American standard AISI 316. The table below shows an overview for comparison of different stainless steel qualities.
Al/Zn Coated steel
There are several types of steel-qualities which are in common use today where corrosion properties are enhanced compared to e.g black steel. One group of material
with improved corrosionresistance is Al/Zn coated steel.

Common for this group of materials is that they are “coated” with various alloy composistions of Aluminium (Al) and Zink (Zn). The material Aluzink which is used for some of the products within the Glamox range is such an example where the coating has an alloy composition of 5% Al and 95% Zn. The mechanism in which the material is given an improved corrosion resistance is called cathodic protection.

However the corrosion protection found with electro-galvanized or Al/Zn coated steel is far from the anti-corrosive properties found with the various types of stainless steel. 

Electro-galvanized or Al/Zn coated steel qualities should not be used in severe corrosive areas, such as outdoor marine and offshore environments. For outdoor marine and offshore environment stainless steel AISI 316 is preferable.

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