Eulum files

Eulum files are used to import luminaire data into programs like DIALux, RELUX etc. These files must be unzipped in a special catalogue before importing into each program. The files are saved with the name of the luminaire as file name in order to simplify the importation of certain products.

DALI Cockpit

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Relux - Luxo

Database download

Download the latest Luxo Relux database from here.

OptiWin 3D Pro

This is a completely new version of OptiWin with many new features. Still quick and easy to use, but with new functionality as an advanced 3D Editor, LENI Indicator calculations for the new Energy Directive and the ability to import large 3D models.

DIALux Plugin - Glamox Luxo

Find the product you want in 3 clicks with DIALux PlugIn.