Human Centric Lighting solution in education

Schools are excellent for tuneable white light features. Here the light is used not only to control daily rhythms for pupils and staff, but also to improve alertness during tests and concentration tasks.
The teacher may switch on an intensive, cool white light during these activities, or a warm white, dimmed light for relaxation and group talk.

The right light in the morning, with sufficient brightness and blue-enriched, can help to get you ready for the day. Especially in education, a conscious mind is important for a good concentration during the lessons. It doesn’t matter if the person is an elementary scholar or a teacher. Both can benefit from an optimized lighting environment in a direct or indirect way. 


  • During the early morning hours, the right light can help to wake up with less sleepiness.
  • A better light environment can improve alertness and concentration during lessons.
  • Lighting systems that give higher light intensities and colour temperature at the right time can help to improve duration of sleep and quality of sleep and thus improve learning effects.

With biologically optimized lighting systems in educational environments, natural lighting conditions can be achieved more effectively. Simply said it is possible to imitate natural lighting inside the classroom.