Implementing human centric lighting solutions requires controlling spectrum, intensity and timing

In order to install and program efficient Human Centric Lighting solution, three parameters require careful attention. They are interdependent may be used as levers to control the effect on humans
The first parameter is spectrum. We know that the blue wavelengths in the light are the biologically active parts; hence we need to pick white light sources with a high amount of cool white light. Intensity is trickier and it must be seen in connection with timing and duration. We know the minimum and maximum lux light levels that are needed to trigger melatonin suppression, and we how long it takes to achieve the wanted circadian or phase shifting effect. But this is based mostly on research done in laboratories. In real life environments, we need more data to understand the effect of these settings on workers, pupils and patients. In the menu to the left are Glamox Luxo best advices based on the current knowledge available.