360: New LED task light

The 360 task light has a distinct form and great functionality.

A custom made 6.5 Watt LED module in a horizontal lamp head provides a broad, directional light. The rotating base and flexible arm takes little space when the task light is pushed back. When fully extended, the light covers a large area, while the lamp head stays parallel with the surface – providing asymmetric and ergonomically correct workstation lighting. 360 is dimmable, and automatically turns itself off after 9 hours in order to save energy.

Design: Stephan Copeland
360 was designed by Stephan Copeland, who has been involved with desk lamp innovation for 25 years. He is particularly concerned about the interaction between lamp and user:

“A successful desk lamp means close user proximity and an agile interaction. 360 is designed to glide when directed and be a peaceful form presence to live with,” he says.

Inspiration from the flying disc
Stephen Copeland took inspiration from the Frisbee when working on the new task light: “Looking at how people really want light to adjust and arrive on a task surface, it seemed like a hovering flying saucer would be a really accommodating movement model,” he says.

The overhand Frisbee throw is gracefully efficient. With an easy twist of the torso the disc launches gracefully into the distance. Similarly, 360’s base and head spin, allowing the single arm to move the light source between base and user, while a concealed parallelogram allows for up and down movement of an always level lamp head.

2011 Limited Edition
Like many other all-metal Luxo lamps, 360 is available with black, white or silver grey structured paint. However, we are also launching a Limited Edition in a special purple violet colour, which will only be available during 2011. This choice of colour was based on input from more than 1000 European architects.