500.000 BIM files downloaded!

In less than three years more than half a million BIM files have been downloaded from our web sites.

Glamox Luxo Lighting provides BIM objects representing a great number of our luminaires in RFA format for Autodesk Revit. These files are used by consultants, architects, entrepreneurs and many others who work with building information modeling in Autodesk Revit. 

Dowloadable from our web site
As of today there are 14,000 BIM files available from Glamox Luxo Lighting, and these are continuously updated. The files are easily downloaded from our web sites.

It is not necessary to download an entire library of files: There are BIM files available for virtually all variants of our luminaires, and these are available for single download on item level. Simply search our web site for the item number/luminaire variant you need the BIM file for.

Lightweight files with much information
Our BIM files are generated with just the right amount of detailing – enough to adequately represent the luminaire, but not so much that it slows down the performance of Autodesk Revit.

Still, users are impressed with the amount of information contained in our BIM files: Each BIM object contains a geometric representation in 3D of a specific product, plus relevant information relating to that product, such as electrical data and information about the product’s physical dimensions, light distribution and other technical specifications. It also contains links to web sites where service manuals and other documentation can be found.

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