A new generation!

Now we are launching Wave LED, the first in a new series of illuminated magnifiers featuring LED modules instead of traditional light sources.

Wave LED is particularly well suited for industrial applications. It is equipped with two 6W LED modules, which are lit individually. This provides for shadow-free magnification with light coming from both sides, as well as three-dimensional magnification when only one light source is lit. The 3D-feature is especially welcome when working with circuit boards and similar delicate objects. With its large rectangular lens, Wave LED is also suitable for reading purposes.

Maximum flexibility and precision
Wave LED has a flexible self-balancing arm in the Luxo tradition. The flexibility of the joint between lamp head and arm makes exact positioning easy. The spring balanced arm provides maximum vertical and horizontal movement, and will always stay in the right position without drifting.

The new Luxo magnifier is supplied with a large, rectangular glass lens.  A soft cloth cover is provided to protect the lens from dust and to prevent the luminaire from inadvertently turning into a burning glass.

LED: Light source of the future!
Wave LED is dimmable, and automatically turns itself off after 4 or 9 hours in order to save energy. The two 6W LED modules have an incredibly long life span. The diodes in Wave LED have a life expectancy of 50.000 hours. That means 25 years or more with normal use.

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