A90-P: New, versatile luminaire

The A90-P is designed both to please the eye and to satisfy extensive requirements when it comes to functionality and robustness. The versatile luminaire is as suitable for a modern reception area as for an industrial warehouse.

Glamox A90-P has a design that satisfies the extensive requirements posed to an industrial luminaire as well as the high expectations from architects and light designers when it comes to aesthetics and functionality. The design is a collaboration between Hans Bleken-Rud and EGGS Design. EGGS Design is a Scandinavian, multidisciplinary design consultancy firm with a wide range of expertise. Based on the requirements, the designers have developed a luminaire suitable for a wide range of applications.

“A90-P1 is designed for applications like social areas, receptions and canteens. It’s “big brother”, A90-P2 is designed for applications like production premises, warehouses, entrance halls and atriums with mounting heights up to 10-12 meters”, says product manager in Glamox, Svein Erik Kårvåg.

Efficient heat management means durable solution

The requirements for powerful lumen packages necessitate a large and powerful construction. The construction must both provide good lighting technology and simultaneously cool the electrical components in a satisfactory manner. This is solved by including a solid cooling profile in anodized aluminum in the center of the luminaire. The classical cooling ribs are used deliberately as part of the aesthetic expression in the design of the luminaire. The component housing placed on top brings along the lines of these cooling ribs and creates a robust and unified top part.

Different tasks - different lighting demands

Glamox A90-P is available in 2 sizes and various types of optics like wide-, medium- and narrow beam in addition to opal. The options of 6 different lumen packages and different reflector materials make it easy to create a wide range of complete solutions with similar design throughout the entire project.
Notice the many details and first-class finish that are not only practical, but also pleasing to look at.