Balanced solutions

Glamox C30 is a family of recessed and surface mounted luminaires that offers an optimal balance between direct and diffused light.

With Glamox C30 we have developed a lightly frosted polycarbonate cover, which provides a large luminous area. The diffused light from the frosted side panels increases the level of lighting on vertical surfaces and improves contrast. The surface mounted luminaire also illuminates the ceiling, which further reduces glare.

Good working light – comfortable when desired
Good working light requires an optimal balance between direct and diffused light. C30-S combines the large lighting surface with several effective central optics. These optics goes from the complete diffuse opalic OP diffuser to the more balanced SU optic.

Dynamic lighting
By using a C30-S CCT you can create different light scenes for different tasks and atmosphere. C30-S CCT is recognised by a high colour rendering index (CRI) and good flexibility.

Lighting for reading and writing
The Glamox C30 family is well suited to reading and writing work. The products balance direct and diffuse lighting, keeping shadows to a minimum and providing good contrast. Efficient central optic provides direct lighting that provides good depth visibility. An effective combination brought together in one luminaire.

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