Decorative new LED luminaire!

Glamox A70-S is the first in a new family of elegant LED luminaires available for a wide variety of applications, with a design inspired by current trends in electronics and communication. Glamox A70-S is made for wall or ceiling mounting, and is offered with a solid-looking aluminium body and opal polycarbonate diffuser. It is available with a choice of decorative trim rings.

It is the polarity between the attractive opal diffuser and the solid aluminium body that gives Glamox A70-S its particular character. This luminaire will not look out of place even in environments with rough surfaces such as concrete, bricks and stone.

Typical applications for Glamox A70-S would be staircases, corridors and entrance areas.

Two sizes. Three colours.
Glamox A70-S is available in two different sizes, with a diameter of 290 or 410 mm.The aluminium body comes in a choice of white, grey or black structured paint.

Sensors and emergency lighting

These luminaires are available with presence detectors. The large version is available with an integrated emergency lighting unit.

Also available for outdoor use
The outdoors version is called Glamox O70. This version has a higher IP rating, and mounting fixtures suitable for outdoors use.