Easy access to BIM files on our web site

It is an increasing demand for documentation by using BIM files. You can now easily download more then 5000 BIM files from our Internet site. We are uploading new files every week!

Why BIM?
BIM (Building Information Modelling) integrates multiple disciplines in one electronically drawn format. It is easy to look for and find mistakes in multiple tasks and objects. Control can be done in software before construction begins. BIM is an intelligent system, as it brings together all the information in a single file by creating a cross-data relationship between linked objects in a project. BIM centralizes information and documents without losing their own interdependence.

Efficient and easy accessible
Our .RFA-files for use in AutoDesk Revit contain a lot of useful information in terms of electrical data, dimensions, and light distribution.

Try downloading .RFA files from our web today. Download from product family page or from a specific item page. For more information, please contact your Glamox Luxo Lighting team.

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