Glamox i80 is based on ingenious design, high quality materials and state of the art LED technology. With i80 we provide you with the best of the best. Well suited for several industrial and demanding applications.

Efficient and Versatile
This family of IP66 luminaires are designed for lighting industrial facilities, warehouses, production areas, workshops, cold storages down to Ta -40°C and other demanding applications. When including a light management system you will receive an energy efficient solution based on the activity in the area of use. With its powerful light output, i80 is well suited for use in areas with high ceiling heights and is an energy efficient replacement for discharge lamps. A versatile luminaire, ideal also for active use in sports halls with good light and minimum glare.

i80 is available with a selection of narrow beam or medium beam reflectors. Our designers have focused on functionality and efficient heat management that influence the lifetime of the product and provide you with a long lasting and high quality solution. i80 is delivered with LED modules with minimum 50.000 hours lifetime (L70).


Robust with quality materials
The luminaire housing is manufactured in die cast aluminium with very low content of iron and copper (EN AB-44100). To comply with corrosion class C4, the aluminium parts are phosphor chromated to achieve a proper adhesion for the epoxy/polyester powder coating. i80 is a quality luminaire with a 5mm front glass in heat soak tested tempered glass or with impact resistant clear acrylic front cover. For easy connection i80 is delivered as standard with cable and Wieland IP68 plug.

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