New LED task light

Trace is a new Luxo task light with a great personality. It is compact, with excellent light output and minimalistic design. A slim arm carries the distinct lamp head, which has the form of a super-ellipse, a square with rounded edges. The task light changes shape and expression when seen from different angles.

In spite of its modest size, Trace has a definite presence and posture that makes it suitable for most modern office environments. The combination of simple lines and an elegantly shaped lamp head gives it a distinct personality.

Excellent ergonomy
Trace offers excellent ergonomy in the office workspace. The light output is asymmetric, distributing the light evenly at an angle across the working area. This prevents reflection, and allows the Trace to be placed well to the side of the workspace. The flexibility of the arm and lamp head provide added flexibility so the user can easily place the light exactly where it is needed.

Dimming and auto shut-off
Trace is equipped with a 6 Watt LED module, and is fully dimmable as standard. The on/off switch also functions as a dimmer. The switch has a prominent position at the top of the lamp head. This attractive combination of aesthetics and functionality not only adds to the design of the product, but also allows the lamp to be easily operated with only one hand.

Trace also features automatic shut-off for added energy savings. A built-in timer automatically turns the light off after 4 or 9 hours.

news_trace_usb_framed    USB charger version
A version with USB charger is also available. The charger is integrated in the table base.

Design: Oskar Daniel and Emil Marklund
Swedish designers Oskar Daniel and Emil Marklund have collaborated on several lighting projects, and worked on the development of Trace as a team. Both have degrees in industrial design from prominent Swedish universities.