New pendant luminaire for mounting in long lengths

No matter how big your ceiling is, we can offer you pendant luminaires that goes all the way across. The C80-PR also looks smart and has excellent visual performance. 

We’ve now updated our C80 family with a pendant luminaire. Like the rest of the family, C80-PR is designed for mounting in long lengths. You can choose any length you want in 280 mm steps, starting from 1128. The C80-PR is suitable for several applications like large meeting rooms, auditoriums and other areas where you want to install long, pendent mounted LED light installations.

System mounting

The new pendant gives you a lot of creative options.With our 90 degree corner units you can create L, U or O shaped systems.
“C80-PR is an efficient and sophisticated system that is easy to configure and easy to mount”, says Product Manager, Andreas Wendestam.

Single pendant luminaire
If you only need a single pendant luminaire, we can also offer you the C80-P in four standard lengths - 1100, 1400 1700 and 2800 mm lengths.
“For the C80-P you can also purchase a wall bracket for wall mounting”, Wendestam explains. All C80-P products can be delivered with different lumen packages and 3 different optics, Opal, Micro-prismatic and Asymmetric. All luminaires with lengths from 1400 mm and above are available with integrated emergency and sensor solutions.

System configurator
To help you custom fit your project we have developed a web based C80 system configurator. It’s an easy and efficient tool for planning and ordering.The complete product arrives as 3 units, luminaire body, optic and end-caps. The luminaire body is delivered as one complete unit including recess and row mounting brackets that makes it easy to mount the system.

Read more about the C80 PR and C80-P. To learn more about the rest of the C80 family please check out the C80 family brochure.