Robust and powerful high bay LED luminaire

Glamox i90-P is a robust LED luminaire designed for mounting in high ceilings. The luminaire is characterized by it’s unique shape in black finish. It combines an exceptional high lumen output with high quality materials, engineered and tested for high ambient temperatures. Glamox i90-P will illuminate large open areas as well as racking aisles. This makes Glamox i90-P ideal for warehouses, factories and industrial halls, as well as aircraft hangars, shipyards or exhibition areas.

Reduced risk and optimised working conditions

In a warehouse or factory hall, workers carry out fine precision work as well as heavy industrial tasks. This requires effective lighting, vital for safety and productivity. Glamox i90-P has an excellent lumen output and state-of-the art LED modules which provide good quality lighting, and adequate visual conditions.

Accurate light distribution

Glamox i90-P has an exceptional high LED lumen package starting from 30,000 lumen up to 60,000 lumen*. It is available with four reflector options allowing accurate light distribution. This combination makes Glamox i90-P ideal for high bay applications in open areas as well as for racking in different heights.

Glamox i90-P with narrow beam (NB)
or extreme narrow beam (XNB)
Glamox i90-P with wide beam (WB)
or medium beam (MB)

Reliable and durable solution

Glamox i90-P is thoroughly tested in order to fulfil the requirements for the most demanding industry applications. The luminaire is rated IP65. This means that it is totally dust proof, and is protected against low pressure water jets from all directions. In addition it is constructed and tested for ambient temperatures as low as -40°C and up to 60°C.*

High quality materials

The luminaire housing is made of black epoxy/polyester powder coated acid proof steel and die-cast aluminum with a low content of iron and copper. The cooling ribs are produced in black anodized extruded aluminium and the reflector in anodized aluminium. The front cover is made of heat soak tested tempered glass (HTG) with extra high light transmission, or with impact resistant clear acrylic (CL).

Long life and few maintenance requirements

The lifetime of an industry facility is normally long and the supporting equipment inside is expected to last for a long period of time. With state-of-the-art LED modules, light source replacements are rarely or never required for the luminaire, making significant cost savings possible. The LED ballast is placed outside the luminaire for maximum cooling and easy maintenance.

Glamox i90-P can also be supplied with DALI dimming, which enables efficient light control. Installation solutions using external sensors and dimming will reduce energy consumption and increase the lifetime of components. In total, long life and less maintenance makes Glamox i90-P ideal for installation in hard-to-reach places as factories and warehouse ceilings as well as facilities that will benefit of reduced operation stops during maintenance.

*We are constantly working to improve our products.
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