Tilt and turn

We are pleased to inform you that our efficient family of downlights has now got a new member. Glamox D70-R108 is a tilt and turn variant with a diameter of 108 mm.

D70-R108 is well suited for use in social areas, corridors, meeting rooms and other applications as a decorative effect for illumination of walls. Selecting a combination of different variants and sizes within the same downlight family provides a uniform look and feel. To make it easy to adapt, the D70-family provides you with a whole range of luminaire sizes and lumen packages.

Efficient and high quality

Glamox D70-R108 is supplied as one complete unit and is very easy to mount. Our designers have focused on functionality and efficient heat management that influence the lifetime of the product and provide you with a long lasting and high quality solution. The tilt and turn variants are available with different lumen packages from approx. 700 to 1000 lumen-out of the luminaire. Select the colour that suits your project. The tiltable housing and the trim rings are available in white or chrome. The trim rings can all be mounted without demounting the downlight. To provide different lighting moods and efficient use, we deliver variants for dimming.


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