School en Onderwijs

Learning is the process of understanding, selecting, interpreting and storing information. Man’s ability to learn, store information and then pass it on to the following generations is crucial for all development and our own evolution. Our modern, knowledge based society poses increasingly stringent demands on installing correct artificial lighting systems to facilitate cultivation of the optimal learning environment. We thrive on solving a challenge – after all, we’re experts in this area.
School buildings designed in the 70`s and 80`s are very different from the schools designed today. The teaching is differently organised and various aids require multiple solutions. These solutions require higher flexibility in the architecture and also on the light installation.

We have today a larger knowledge about what type of solutions gives a better learning environment both for the different ages and for the different subjects. Young pupils require a different lighting scheme than youths and adults. ICT has given birth to new ways of teaching which gives us challenges related to the communication between the communicator and the receiver. The teacher’s role is still as important as before and the visual contact with them contributes to an easier focus. Easier focus on the teacher simplifies the communication and makes it easier to acquire knowledge. By looking in to the challenges that lay in new technology and new ways of teaching Glamox wants to contribute by making good light technical solutions for the schools of the future.

Entrance areas
School corridors and circulation areas
Nurseries and playrooms
Presentation and board lighting
Workshops and labs
Libraries and study halls
Sports halls
Locker rooms
Canteens and kitchens
School kitchen