Ex Hazardous Area

With decades of experience as a global supplier to the marine and oil & gas industry, our main focus will always be quality, safety and service. For hazardous areas, it is very important that the product is designed for use in the designated area, and that certifications and specifications are according to the requirements. Glamox EX lighting solutions have been developed through years of experience. Our experienced staff can give you advice on explosion proof lighting for the offshore industry.

Ex areas can be known by different names such as “Hazardous Locations”, “Hazardous Areas” “Explosive Atmospheres”, and the like and relate to areas where flammable liquids, vapors, gases or combustible dusts are likely to occur in quantities sufficient to cause a fire or explosion.

Products  designed and developed to  be installed and used in hazardous areas must be certified in  accordance with project and regional requirements. The standards for hazardous areas are not the same for all regions.

IECEx  -
International Electromechanical Commission System for certification to standards relating to equipment for use in explosive atmospheres.

Atex –
Regional European ATEX directives for equipment (94/9/EC) and worker protection (1999/92/EC) in potentially explosive atmospheres become mandatory for European installation from 1st July 2003.

Inmetro –
Brazilian Institute of Metrology, Standardization and Industrial Quality. Electrical and electronic products that requires Brazilian certification certified in accordance with Inmetro requirements.
TR CU –Technical Regulations Customs Union Certificate confirms safety requirements and electromagnetically compatibility for Ex approved products to be used in the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan and Belarus.

UL – Underwriters Laboratories is an American safety consulting and certification company.  For North America, a classification system is used based upon the NEC 505 as published by the National Fire Protection Association. This system consists of Classes, Divisions, Groups and/or Zones and is designed to, ensure equipment meets minimum standards, and easily match equipment and operational procedures to these conditions properly for safe operation.

Featured Products: 

High Bay Floodlights 



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Low Bay Floodlights



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Light fixtures for EX Hazardous Areas



Zone 1 Light Fixtures, LED

TX60, MAX LED    


Zone 1 Light Fixtures, Conventional



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Zone 2 Light Fixtures, Conventional