Industrial areas

Glamox is the leading supplier of lighting solutions to world’s marine and offshore markets as well as heavy and demanding industry. Harsh environment with high temperatures, dusty environments and the presence of moist and water may pose challenges to the lighting installation. We take pride in providing products of superior technical quality that work reliably even under the most extreme industrial conditions.

An industrial area on an offshore installation is an non-hazardous area where flammable liquids, vapors, gases or combustible dusts are not expected to be present.

Depending on type of object / installation certain areas are defined as Industrial or safe areas.  Different areas and applications requires special  lighting.

Lighting is an important factor when providing a safe working environment. The lighting need to be reliable and the luminaries must achieve a certain level of light.

Light quality is important for visual perception and to  be able to distinguish between different colors and details. Recommended color- rendering is min. 80 CRI.

IP rating, mechanical strength and resistance (IK) are also important criteria  to ensure quality and robustness.