Living Quarters

A living quarter is a both workplace and a home away from home for offshore personnel.

Lighting is a critical factor in ensuring a safe working environment. Applicable standards with lux requirements are set to allow personnel to manoeuvre around both when in operational mode and if an emergency situation occurs.

The accommodation areas and living quarters consist of various types of rooms and application areas. From cabins, offices and collaboration rooms to common areas like recreation rooms, gyms, dining rooms and galleys with storage and freezer facilities. Furthermore, utility functions like switch rooms, control rooms with Heating, Ventilation
and Air Conditioning (HVAC) are placed in the living quarters. Different areas and rooms require different lighting, certain areas require comfortable lighting, others have strict requirements when it comes to IP grade, tolerance for ambient temperatures and functionality.

Light design in accordance with applicable regulations ensures correct lighting at designated areas as well as comfortable illumination in cabins and common areas. Light quality in the form of correct colour temperature and lux level is just as important in a drill cabin as in the dining area.

We have various products for different applications and requirements please see our product section on the website and use the filters to find the correct lighting for the designated area.