Substation Topsides AC and HVDC

The substation is the most important structure in an offshore wind farm. This is where all the energy produced by the wind turbines is brought together and converted by transformers to a high voltage transmission. This is necessary to ensure that as little energy as possible is lost during transmission over long distances to the next grid node. If a technical fault occurs on the substation platform all wind turbines in the offshore wind farm will fail to function. This means that maintenance and repair services must meet extremely meticulous and high quality standards.
With decades of experience from the Offshore and Marine industries, Glamox will give you a one-stopshop
selection of luminaires.

All electrical products are potential emitters of electromagnetic waves. Our luminaires are tested according to both EN-55015 and EN-61547.

• Linears installed on handrails.
• Floodlights for escape to sea.
• Floodlight to illuminate substation identification plate and working/lay down areas
• Emergency Lighting is also needed to maintain safety and in the event of loss of grid power.
• All our recommended products are marine-tested and quality-approved

Typical Application
• Crew Access
• Work Platform
• Davit Crane
• Winch platform
• Walkways/Stairways/Ladders
• Turbine identification board
• LQ
• Helideck
• Control
• Containers/Cabins/LQ – linears, E20
• Battery rooms
• Switchgear rooms