Foundations / Transition Piece

The floating or fixed foundations provide support for the wind turbine, transferring the loads from the turbine at the tower interface level to the sea bed where the loads react. The foundation also provides access for personnel from vessels. Unregulated vibrations result in excessive material wear, which in turn can (and does) cause component failure. Within the Glamox scope of vibration testing, three different types of test are performed: Sinusoidal vibration,various shock tests and random testing.
• Linears installed on handrails.
• Floodlights for escape to sea. (4,000 to 10,000 lumen)
• Floodlight to illuminate the turbine identification plate, as well as part of the turbine.
• Emergency Lighting is also needed to maintain safety and in the event of loss of grid power.
• All our products are marine-tested and quality-approved.

Typical Application
It is a necessity for lighting to be installed at the crew access point to the foundation as well as lighting the escape to sea. This area sits above the supportive structure and is accessed via a bridge from the crew transfer vessels. Therefore, safety requirements dictate that high-quality marine lighting is needed to make sure these areas are well lit. We have a range of fittings that meet the requirements of the following applications. We have a number of bracket options to make installation for each application seamless

• Crew Access
• Work Platform
• Davit Crane
• Winch platform
• Walkways/Stairways/Ladders
• Turbine identification board