Nacelle / Control Room

Safe access to the nacelle is required for most maintenance activities. Though ladders are always required, larger turbines also have an elevator. To protect all nacelle components from corrosion, the nacelle is well sealed. The nacelle cover provides weatherproof protection to the nacelle components plus support and access to external components. Reliable and the highest quality lighting is required to facilitate safe personnel access and exit from the nacelle and tower.
• In a confined space It is an advantage to have low profile luminaires as space is a challenge when carrying out work tasks inside the control room.
• Luminaires are normally fitted to ceiling or walls
• Glamox can offer a wide range of mounting options suited for any installation.
• Exit lights would need to be installed at doorways.
• Emergency Lighting is also needed to maintain safety and in case event of loss of grid.
• All our products to recommended are of marine tested and approved quality.

Typical Application
We have a range of fittings which meet the requirements of the following applications. We have a number of bracket options to make installation for each application seamless.
• Crew Access
• Doorways
• Control Room
• Walkways/Stairways/Ladders
• Turbine identification board