Navigation light + helideck

Different applications whether it is a fixed production platform or a mobile drilling unit requires navigation system and helideck lighting. International and regional standards and regulations are set to provide safety both for workers and pilots commuting to the platform. Using the appropriate lighting for the application is critical in order to ensure robustness and a long operating life of the light fittings, resulting in minimal or zero downtime.

Different objects, require different lighting solutions. A marine midstream vessel, mobile drilling unit or fixed processing Platform have different requirements .

Flag state, operating region and object size regulates requirements and type of equipment. Glamox has been supplying searchlight and navigation lights for years. Our heritage as a supplier of navigation and signalling lights goes back to late 19th century , before Edison invented the incandescent lamp. The first navigation lamps was made of brass wall and kerosene as energy. We still use brass as housing material for some of our navigation lights, but LED technology has replaced kerosene.

The development of lighting solutions for helidecks represents a huge challenge in terms of mechanical, electrical and lighting technology. Products have to be extremely robust and reliable in a wide range of temperatures. Maintenance-free LED technology ensures that lights have a long and reliable lifecycle.

Glamox and Norslight have designed and supplied searchlights to all kind of ships and objects.  Glamox offers a wide range of searchlights for different requirements, manual operated to remote controlled searchlights. Built with corrosion resistant components, and designed for  extreme marine environments which require minimum maintenance. High quality seawater resistant aluminum housing finished in white polyester coating.