The design life of an offshore turbine is approx. 25 years. The trend for longer design life on all turbines is due to the maturing of the industry – asset owners now expect to operate wind farms for such periods without the technology becoming obsolete or unsupported by suppliers. Extreme loads due to storms, abnormal events and faults during operation can also be critical. Typically, an offshore turbine will turn for over 90% of the time. With long system life time and comprehensive experience from marine and offshore environments Glamox luminaires will achieve the intended lifetime of the turbines.
• The tower internals provide means of access,
lighting and safety for maintenance and service
personnel, plus means of transferring hand tools
and components to the nacelle.
• Luminaires are normally fitted to ladders and
platforms and on handrails.
• Glamox can offer a wide range of mounting
options to suit any installation.
• Exit lights would need to be installed at doorways.
• Emergency Lighting is also needed to maintain
safety and in the event of loss of grid power.
• All our recommended products are marine-tested
and quality-approved.

Typical Application
Glamox has a range of fittings that meet the
requirements of the following applications. We have a
number of bracket options to make installation for each
application seamless
• Crew Access
• Inside landing platform
• Internal Turbine
• Doorways
• Walkways/Stairways/Ladders
• Turbine identification board