Glamox supplies explosion-protected luminaires to Chrysaor

Glamox is supplying more than 1,400 TX60 explosion-protected (Ex e) linear LED luminaires to Chrysaor, the UK’s leading North Sea independent oil and gas company. 

The luminaires are currently being installed across three of its gas and condensate platforms in the Central North Sea - Armada, Everest and Lomond.
These platforms are currently part-way through replacing their T8 fluorescent light fittings with TX60 LED linear light fittings from Glamox. 

Two versions
Chrysaor is installing two versions of the TX60 across its platforms – the normal version and a through-wired, emergency battery variant – across all areas of the platforms, except for the living quarters. 
Most LED lights are installed in Zone 2 hazardous areas, some in Zone 1 area. TX60 LED light fittings are specifically designed to enable rapid, easy replacement of existing T8 fluorescent light fittings without requiring any additional design or installation changes. 

The TX60 LED is suitable for onshore and offshore oil & gas and marine installations, where reduction of lighting maintenance and operating costs are critical. 

In addition to the TX60, Chrysaor will also install FX60 LED floodlights from Glamox across the three platforms. 
These floodlights will be installed in specific areas to illuminate flare and exhaust structures, as well as over-side escape areas.