Glamox helps operators go green

Several UK offshore operators are moving ahead with energy efficient and maintenance-friendly lighting solutions. This includes Chrysaor, the UK’s largest independent exploration and production company who is taking the lead in becoming more energy efficient as they seek to improve the offshore working environment.
The company operates numerous gas and condensate platforms in the Central North Sea including Armada, Everest and Lomond, which came into production in the early 90s. These platforms have recently had lighting upgrades carried out on them to move from conventional T8 tube systems to LED lighting. 

Gordon Low, Area Sales Manager at Glamox explains: “As well as having reduced maintenance requirements over 100,000 hours, the Ex LED luminaires we provided for this purpose also reduce energy costs by around 30% compared to conventional T8 HF fluorescent lamps. They are also specifically designed to allow rapid, easy replacement of existing light fittings without additional design or installation changes. 

The decision to move away from fluorescent technology to LED means that our client will no longer have to deal with the ongoing disposal of mercury vapour tubes. The lower energy demand also aligns with their carbon reduction strategy. 

LED floodlights from Glamox will also be installed across these three platforms to illuminate flare and exhaust structures and over‐side escape areas. This high-quality lighting with colour rendering above 80 CRI (colour rendering index) is critical for a safe and secure working environment Safety is fundamental on offshore platforms,” Low says.