High Bay Lighting

Our cutting edge LED floodlights for safe and hazardous areas are made from stainless steel and sea water resistant aluminum. These modularised and maintenance free flood and high bay fixtures meet all your requirements.
LED floodlights may be used on installation height above 6m for general purpose lighting. Glamox range of floodlight varies from 4000 lumen to 50,000 lumen in safe and hazardous areas.

Glamox offers and recommends:

  • a range of wide, medium or narrow beam to suit your best illumination task and design.
  • Glamox recommend a colour temperature CCT 5000K, and colour rendering CRI>80.
  • Necessary support brackets in 316L SS shall be supplied with the floodlights for mounting on pole/steel structures as applicable. Refer to Standard Installation Details for mounting arrangement.
  • Terminals suitable for terminating up to 6mm2 stranded conductors.
  • Certified compression type ISO M25 Exe Nickel plated brass cable glands suitable for project specific cable.
  • One number spare Exe blanking Plug, suitable for above cable entry.
  • Toughened clear glass, resistant to thermal and mechanical shocks.
  • The FX60 LED modules are sealed for life with a flying lead terminated in Exe junction box.
  • Area light and individual modules shall have facilities for fixing of optional free fall retention lanyard.
  • External earth stud 6mm diameter to be provided. External earth to be bonded to internal earth connection.