Maritime products and solutions

Premium visibility solutions for demanding maritime and offshore use

The Luminell series of solutions offer powerful lighting, outstanding functionality, provide increased safety, and a longer than average lifetime of use despite the strain of extreme environments. Our LED light solutions also boast an average 80% decrease in energy output, decreasing your environmental footprint. It is clear why the Luminell range of lights have become the first choice for many shipyards, ship designers, government bodies, rigs and vessels carrying out hazardous and important work.

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Robust and powerful LED floodlight

By using the latest COB LED technology and LED driver technology it offers a virtually maintenance-free solution for all high and medium intensity lighting requirements. The product design has been undergoing thorough heat conduction and dissipation simulations, giving all components optimal conditions and ensuring long life time. Powder-coated anodized seawater resistant aluminium housing.

PDMS Plug-in

Time-saving lighting design

Generating 3D files for lighting calculation programs from PDMS can be a time-consuming process. Glamox Plug-in LITE for PDMS makes this process much quicker. You need to register before downloading.

Overview of mounting options

for TL/TX technical luminaires



Zone 1 LED Floodlight

FX60, LED Floodlight is designed for installation and use in hazardous areas, zones 1 and 2. By using the latest LED technology it offers a virtually maintenance-free solution for all high intensity lighting requirements.

Dedicated to quality

About quality assurance, test procedures and product certification in the Glamox Group

As a result of the high demands placed on the quality and durability of its products, the Glamox Group operates modern assessment and testing laboratories in Norway and Germany for the simulation of a wide variety of environmental conditions.

OptiWin 3D PRO

Download OptiWin 3D PRO

This is a completely new version of Optiwin with a lot of new functions. It is still fast and easy to use, but with functionality as advanced 3D-editor to import big 3D models and LENI calculations for the new energy directive.

DALI Cockpit

Software & Guide



Here you’ll find videos relating to products and concepts

Video content available for download on all devices, from smart phones to desktop computers.
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TX60 - Explosion proof LED luminaire!

Reduces total cost of ownership.

Glamox sets a new standard for reduced cost of ownership with-in the Oil & Gas industry with the explosion protected luminaire TX60 LED. The sturdy but yet functional and slim designed luminaire includes technology that offers substantial reduction of operation and maintenance costs.

Time-saving lighting design

Glamox Plug-in PRO for AVEVA PDMS™

Lighting calculations and recalculations are time-consuming operations. Glamox Plug-in PRO for AVEVA PDMS™ utilizes available 3D models and makes lighting design much quicker – and more accurate.


Zone 1 and 2 LED Area Lighting

TX65, LED Area Lighting is designed for installation and use in hazardous areas, zones 1 and 2. By using the latest LED technology it offers a virtually maintenance-free solution for all high and medium intensity lighting requirements.

Onshore Energy and Petrochemical Industry

Total Lighting Solution

Smart lighting solutions are needed for huge and complex petrochemical plants, refineries and other onshore facilities. This catalogue includes technical information and our range of products suitable for the Onshore Energy and Petrochemical Industry.
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TL60 Leaflet

Innovative watertight LED luminaire



Energy Efficient Solutions

Glamox has developed the MIR LED solutions consisting of the new MIR LED and a MIR LED Replacement Kit. MIR LED is based on long experience in the marine and offshore segment, and is designed for technical rooms, engine rooms, freezing rooms and on-deck applications.
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Slim design for use in Zone 2/22

The luminaire is ideally suited for onshore and offshore oil and gas, marine environment and other potentially explosive industrial environments.

Glamox Reference book

Welcome to our world of light!

We are proud to present an overview of recent projects featuring our products and solutions. An index of all the reference projects listed can be found in the back. Here you will find a list of the products featured and other relevant information about each project.

Overview of mounting options

for MULTI luminaires