Tools & Knowledge

Glamox offers a number of tools and has competence in the many complex areas of the lighting industry. Using the left menu, you may easily navigate to the topics you like to read up on.
Smart tools
The tools from Glamox will make it easy to find the correct products and solutions for your project. All of our tools have been developed in order to work together in an optimal way. Our most important tool is, naturally, our web site. The web site offers, among other things, a complete overview over every possible variant of every single product in our product portfolio.

You can find out more about the other tools if you click on Smart tools in the left menu.

LED Education Centre
LED is without doubt the most talked about issue in the lighting industry these days. What makes LED so interessting?

Take a look at our LED Education Centrein the left menu to learn more.

Technical information / Ex norms
Technical requirements for electrical devices that earlier have been based on each nations requirements, are today more based on international agreements for more countries.

Get an overview of requirements and knowledge on our Technical information pages and Ex norms pages.

Quality and testing
Glamox products and solutions are developed and tested by our engineers at our own research and testing facilities, and manufactured and certified in accordance with all relevant quality and environmental standards. They are based on the latest technology and expertise – and generations of experience.

Follow the links on the left to learn more about our approach to quality issues in the development, production, testing and certification of lighting products.

Free of charge
We offer all of these tools free of charge to our customers and partners.